Letter from Fonkoze USA

Dear Fonkoze Family,  We are deeply saddened to report that on July 23, 2020, our long-time friend and supporter, Dr. Marie Marcelle B. Racine, passed away. She will be greatly missed by us all but never forgotten. Her lifelong advocacy for the underserved and disenfranchised will last forever. “When it’s free, oh Haiti will beContinue reading “Letter from Fonkoze USA”

Letter from the HLN (Creole Version)

Chè sè HLN, Nou pèdi yon sè nou te renmen anpil, yon manm tout moun te konnen epi respekte nan dyaspora nou an ak an Ayiti. Etidyan li te konnen l antanke Pwofesè Racine; li te anseye pandan  plizyè deseni nan Inivèsite Distri Columbia (UDC). Fanmi ak zanmi li te ba l ti non jwètContinue reading “Letter from the HLN (Creole Version)”

Letter from the HLN (English Version)

Dear HLN Sisters, On July 23,  we lost a dear sister, a well-known and widely respected member of the Haitian diaspora.  Professor Racine, to the students she taught during her decades-long tenure at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), “Maye” to her relatives and friends, Mom to her daughter Mikaele and to herContinue reading “Letter from the HLN (English Version)”