Tribute from John Kozyn

I first met Marie Racine while working at the Washington Office on Haiti under Fritz Longchamp in January 1990 and soon learned that she happened to be the niece of the Haitian priest and educator, Rev Antoine Adrien, co-founder of WOH along with his confrère Rev. Jim Healy and both of them priests in the Spiritan congregation.

Later that year it was Marie that gave me and several others our first lessons in Kreyòl, which of course aided me immeasurably as I continued my work for Haiti. Subsequently – after the coup d’état against Titid in 1991 – my work shifted to the Haitian Embassy; first with Foreign Ministers Jean-Robert Sabalat and Claudette Werleigh.

Marie, who was a regular presence at the Embassy’s social and diplomatic events, also served in the capacity of informal adviser to the Haiti’s diplomats. While I never knew her as well as did many others in the Haitian community, I do remember her indefatigable and unflappable nature, never appearing to be stressed during urgent political situations (tout bagay se urjans!) and all the while maintaining the ability to still have a ready smile for all.

Marie Racine was a lovely woman who exemplified the finest traits of what it means to be a good human being!

John Kozyn, Arlington, Va. –  Former  Consultant with:

Former Minister (late) Jean-Robert Sabalat, Former Ambassadors Jean Casimir, Louis Harold Joseph

Former Prime Minister, Mrs. Claudette Werleigh

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